K-12 - Melanie Martinez


Melanie Martinez

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-09-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2019 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. f


Play Title Time Download
Wheels On the Bus 3:40  
Class Fight 2:41  
The Principal 2:56  
Show & Tell 3:35  
Nurse's Office 3:22  
Drama Club 3:45  
Strawberry Shortcake 3:04  
Lunchbox Friends 2:49  
Orange Juice 3:37  
Detention 3:56  
Teacher's Pet 4:01  
High School Sweethearts 5:11  
Recess 3:50  


  • Best album ever!! 💗💕

    By DedQueen<3
    I usually don’t write reviews because I’m lazy but this album is seriously the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life! I’ve been listening to Melanie for about 2 years now and her music has always given me purpose! This album has got to be her best though! I love how each and every song has a story! The music sounds great and it’s really relatable. She’s my favorite and always will be! Love you so much Melanie! Can’t wait too see where you go next! 💕 I really recommend buying!

    By hermit crab mom
    Finally! Melanie is back! Because seriously, other than her, what happened to good music? My favorite is High School Sweethearts. But I think it would be really funny if there was a video of school principals reacting to The Principal. That one’s really good! But, Mel, language!!!!! And that was a very random review!😂
  • Omg

    By Imbatman446
    I can’t even... this is amazing watch it or I will find you! Bye honey

    By Super Star 😍❤️😎😘🦄💜🍦🎨
    Melanie Martinez is amazing as always...and will always be!!!

    By TealSavage
    OMG! YALL! THE MOVIE WAS BOMMBBB! 👍🏽💕😎🥺 It was so a Sad about how reality actually is but, for the most part the movie was definitely worth the wait! :3
  • sure

    By Only The Best Jeanist
    I like the messages that are being conveyed throughout the album, but songs such as show and tell feel repetitive- I mean I really like that song but it just feels like there could be something added that would spice up the song and make it less repetitive. All in all a great album.
  • I love the entire album

    By Sovannarith Sam
    OMG! She is talented. I love the messages that she is conveying.

    By Roman Wilcock
    I didn’t like it at much at first cuase she kinda did something new but now every single song is my favorite song on this album and I’m going to see her live in Vegas
  • K-12

    By Emberstone55
    This review is based only on the album, not the film. (This is not in a fav to least fav order) Wheels On The Bus: I loved the Pre-Chorus and verses, my favorite track. 5 Stars Drama Club: Loved the chorus, maybe not the instrumental, but I liked this one. 5 Stars High School Sweethearts: Not my fav, but definitely good. I liked the chorus, especially the music in the chorus. 5 Stars Show & Tell: This one wasn’t the best for me, but I liked it for the most part. Just the second time she sang the Pre-Chorus it sounded a bit weird. Also, it and Nurse’s Office sounded a bit similar. 4 Stars Nurse’s Office: As mentioned, sounds similar to Show & Tell, although I prefer this one more than Show & Tell. Liked the Chorus and Verses, overall it’s pretty good. 4 Stars Recess: I liked the Chorus, and the “Just remember-er” part was for some reason satisfying to me. 3 3/4 Stars Orange Juice: I liked Orange Juice, mostly the verses and Pre-Chorus. Maybe the “eeh-ahh-eeh-ahh” part took this down a bit. 3 3/4 Stars Strawberry Shortcake: I really like this, just I thought a couple songs were better. I’m not sure why this wasn’t higher for me. 3 3/4 Stars The Principal: Another one i’m not sure about. I liked the Chorus for the most part. 3 3/4 Teachers Pet: Not my fav, but I liked the sort of dark sound to it, and the Pre-Chorus. 3 Stars Class Fight: I liked the beat and the sorta Pre-Chorus (Mommy why do I feel bad?), but “Daddy chimed in, go for the throat” was repeated too many times. Plus the verses weren’t my fav. 2 1/2 Stars Detention: Liked the Pre-Chorus and the verses, but the Chorus was meh. Otherwise I don’t know why this was ranked this low :/ 2 1/2 Stars Lunchbox Friends: I didn’t like the deep voice in the Chorus, the verses were a bit boring, and the Pre-Chorus was meh. I thought this one was a definite flop. 1 Star Also, i’d like to say that 5 Stars doesn’t mean it’s like, my favorite song. The ratings were based on the style of the album and overall sound. I definitely liked Cry Baby more, but I still think K-12 was pretty good. There were a few tracks I didn’t like as much, but there definitely were some pretty good ones.
  • Totally art

    By nathanDWDF
    Really amazing

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